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Daily Grains Report 26.01.2021

On 25.01.2021, CBOT wheat, corn and soybean futures rose, partially recovering from the drop on Friday. In Paris, wheat, corn and rapeseed prices also increased.

Weekly Analysis 18.01.2021 - 24.01.2021

Over the previous week, CBOT wheat, corn and soybean futures have dropped dramatically. In Paris, wheat prices have significantly fallen, corn and rapeseed prices have slightly decreased.

Daily Grains Report 22.01.2021

On 21.01.2021, there was a slight drop in the price of CBOT SRW wheat futures and a slight increase in Chicago corn and soybean prices. In Paris, wheat prices fell, corn prices were volatile and rapeseed prices rose significantly.

Daily Grains Report 21.01.2021

On 20.01.2021, CBOT wheat, corn and soybean futures dropped. Wheat, corn and rapeseed prices in Paris also continued to fall.

Daily Grains Report 19.01.2021

On 18.01.2021, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange was closed. In Paris, the prices of wheat, corn and rapeseed rose significantly.

Weekly Analysis 11.01.2021 - 17.01.2021

Over the past week, CBOT wheat and soybean futures have increased significantly! In Paris, nearby wheat and corn futures have risen noticeably and new crop prices have also slightly increased. During this week, however, rapeseed price in Paris dropped!

Daily Grains Report 15.01.2021

Yesterday, CBOT wheat, corn and soybean futures rose significantly. In Paris, wheat and corn prices increased and rapeseed prices fell.

Daily Grains Report 14.01.2021

On 13.01.2021, CBOT wheat and soybean futures fell and corn futures went up. All price changes were significant in Chicago. In Paris, nearby wheat futures rose with all corn and rapeseed futures growing.