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                                     CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY


  1. Introduction

1.1. We are committed to protecting the personal data of the website’s visitors. We explain in this declaration how we will be receiving, processing and storing your personal information.

1.2. In developing our CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY, we are led by the standards and requirements of the national legislation of the Republic of Bulgaria and the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation/2018.

1.3. We will be asking you to agree with the cookies we use in accordance with the conditions of this policy each time when you first visit our website from a given device. By using our website and agreeing with our policy, you agree with the cookies we use in accordance with the conditions of this policy.

1.4. We will be asking you to agree with our TERMS OF USE and our CONFIDENTIALITY POLICY each time you generate a new order through the website. By using our website and agreeing with our terms, you agree with the policies applied by us and the level of information protection we provide for you.


  1. Collecting Personal Information

2.1. We may collect, store and use the following types of personal information for you:

  1. Information about your computer and your visits in using this website (including your IP address, geographical location, type of browser and its version, operating system, duration of a visit, visited pages);
  2. Information which you provide us in registering at our website, first name, surname, contact phone, email address and delivery address;
  3. Information which you provide in filing out your profile at our website - invoice data and other optional information.   
  4. Information related to all the purchases you make of our products or any other transactions, (including your name, address, phone number, email address);
  5. Information contained in any voluntary communication done/sent through our website (including the contents of the communication and the metadata related to the communication), including the exchanged text messages with our connected profiles in the social media, SMS messages, and electronic mail sent by you at the domain;
  6. Any other personal information which you have chosen to send us;

2.2. Before you disclose to us the personal information of another (third) person, you must get permission from that person, both for the disclosing and for the processing of their personal data in accordance with this policy. In this relation, we will be treating all the created registrations, orders and profiles by you as property of the persons whose data has been entered.


  1. Using Your Personal Data      

3.1. Personal information provided by you will be used solely for the goals defined in this policy.

3.2. We may use personal information which you have shared with us:

  1. To administer our website and our business;
  2. To personalize our website for you;
  3. To provide you with our website’s products and services;
  4. To send you declarations, invoices and payment reminders, and for collecting payments from you;
  5. To send you non-marketing trading messages;
  6. To send you email notices which you have requested or expected - confirmations of profiles, orders, and/or promo codes;
  7. To send you marketing messages connected with our activity, which we think might be of interest to you, by mail, via email or similar technology (you can inform us at any time if you no longer need the marketing information);

3.3. If you send us personal information to be published at our website, we will be publishing it in accordance with the licence which you provide us with.

3.4. We will not be giving your personal information to third persons, regardless for what purposes, without your explicit consent.

3.5. All our financial transactions are processed through our provider of payment services. We will be exchanging information with our provider of payment services only up to the extent necessary for the purposes of the processing of payments which you make through our website - the refund of these payments, reviewing complaints and enquiries related to such payments and refunds.       


  1. Disclosing Personal Information

4.1. We may disclose your personal information to some of our employees, professional consultants, providers and subcontractors (courier companies, banks, payment institutions) as far as it is reasonable in type, quantity and volume, and as far it is necessary for the goals stated in this policy. 

4.2. We may disclose your personal information:

  1. To the extent that we must do it according to the law;
  2. In connection with any current or future court proceedings;
  3. For the exercising or protecting your legal rights (including the providing of information to other persons for the purposes of fighting fraud);
  4. To the buyer (or future buyer) of any business or asset which are selling (or intend do sell);

4.3. Except for the policy provisions, we will not be providing your personal information to third parties.


  1. International Data Exchange

5.1. The information we collect may be stored, processed and transferred between any of the countries in which we operate, in order to use the information in accordance with this policy;

5.2. We are currently operating on the territory of Bulgaria and Romania, and the personal data of our contracting parties are stored and processed in a singular massif on common policies and technology.  

5.3. The personal information which you publish on our internet page, or send to be published on our website, may be distributed, through the internet, all over the world. We cannot prevent the use or abuse of such information by others.

5.4. You give your explicit consent about the transferring of personal information described in this Section 5.


  1. Storing Personal Information

6.1. Section 6 describes the procedures and policies for data storage, which are created in order to guarantee that we conform with the legal obligations in connection with the keeping and erasing of the personal data of our users.

6.2. The personal information we are processing for any purposes must not be stored for longer than necessary for this purpose or purposes.

6.3. You are entitled to ask to be “FORGOTTEN” by us. With this request, you agree that we will delete (erase) your user profile from the website, as well as the related personal data with it - IP address, browsed pages, correspondence, metadata, your searches and favourites, contact data - email address, phones and delivery addresses;

6.4. Regardless of the other provisions of the current Section 6, we shall keep documents (including electronic documents) containing personal data:

  1. To the extent that we must do it according to the law - invoices;
  2. If we believe that the documents might be of significance for all current or future court proceedings;
  3. For the exercising or protecting your legal rights (including the providing of information to other persons for the purposes of fighting fraud);

6.5. We are applying a policy of PSEUDONYMIZATION of your data:

  1. By PSEUDONYMIZATION, it is meant replacing your real personal data - names, addresses, phone, etc, with a pseudonym that is unreadable by a person, with which no one but us could connect you with;
  2. Everywhere in daily our work, where possible and not interfering with our tasks, we apply the PSEUDONYMIZATION policy;
  3. We have applied the PSEUDONYMIZATION policy for all paper copies of documents which we store in an archive involving transactions made with you or being related to your personal data;
  4. All our departments and employees that are not directly connected with the processing of your orders and payments, deal solely with electronic and paper documents which have the PSEUDONYMIZATION policy applied on them.


  1. Protection of Personal Information

7.1. We will undertake reasonable technical and organizational measures in order to prevent the loss, abuse or deleting of your personal information;

7.2. We will store all the personal information you provide us with on our password protected servers, in an encrypted form. 

7.3. All electronic transactions made through our website as well as the traffic exchange between your browser and the server, are protected with encrypted technology.

7.4. You agree that submitting information on the internet is insecure in its essence, and we cannot guarantee the security of the data sent through the internet;

7.5. You are responsible for saving the password that you are using to access our website;


  1. Amendments

8.1.We have the right to update this policy from time to time by publishing a new version on our website;

8.2. You are obliged to view this page from time to time in order to guarantee that you agree with any changes in this policy;

8.3. We might notify you of changes in this policy by electronic mail or by a system for personal messages in our internet page.


  1. Your Rights

9.1. You may require us to give you any personal information which we are storing for you. The providing of such information will be subject to:

  1. Payment of fees provided the information should be sent with a physical carrier or in another way which requires payment of fees;
  2. We may require of you a suitable proof of your identity before sending you the data (for this goal, we usually require a document certified by a notary public. We may also require a copy of invoices, where your physical address is written, such as invoices for electricity, water, phone);
  3. We may not reveal any personal information which is required to the extent allowed by the law;
  4. You may inform us at any time at email not to use your personal data for marketing goals;
  5. Virtually by using our website and services, you agree that we may use your personal information for marketing purposes. We will give you the chance to refuse the using of your personal data for marketing purposes.


  1. Other Websites - Third Parties

10.1. Our website contains hyperlinks to and details for websites of third parties.

10.2. We do not have control over them and are not responsible for the confidentiality policy and practices of third persons.


  1. Updating of the Information

11.1. Please inform us if the personal information we have for you needs to be corrected or updated;


  1. Cookies      

12.1. Our website uses cookies;

12.2. A cookie is file which contains an identifier (a string of letters and figures) which is sent by a web server to a web browser and is stored by the browser. After this, the identifier is sent back to the server each time when any of the server’s pages is loading.   

12.3. Cookies may be either “persistent” or “session” cookies: the persistent cookies will be stored by the web browser and will remain valid until their set expiry date unless they are deleted by the user before the expiry date; the session cookie, on the other hand, will expire at the end of the user session, when the browser is closed.

12.4. Cookies do not typically contain any information that might personally identify a given user, but personal information which is being stored about you may be linked to the information stored in and obtained from cookies.

12.5. We are using both types of cookies at our website.

12.6. Most browsers allow the cookies to be blocked. The user is free to block them at any time. More information about the deleting and blocking of cookies of the most popular browsers can be found here: Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, iOS и Internet Explorer

12.7. The blocking of all cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of many websites.

12.8. If you block the cookies, you will not be able to use all the functions of our website.

12.9. You can delete the cookies already found in your computer.

12.10. The deleting of cookies will have a negative impact upon the usability of many websites.

12.11. In order to analyse the usability of the website, the personalization of advertisements in it, and in order to give you a chance to connect through social media, we have integrated the following program code in our website for external suppliers of services:

Google Analytics - for traffic analysis and website usability. You can take advantage of the service for the anonymization of your IP address by installing the following add-on:
Google AdSence – a service for contextual advertisement.
Facebook Pixel – a service for the personalization of advertisements.
Facebook Messenger – a service integrating a Messenger Platform on our website.

12.12. Each of the services under point 12.11 might use its own analytical and advertising cookies, the information of which we do not directly connect to you and your personal data. You may limit or delete these cookies under the ways described in Section 12.



For questions or information regarding the Confidentiality Polity, please contact us at or at address:

Zlatini EOOD

18 Nish Str., Ruse 7002