Corn - FOB Argentina

CBOT Chicago 2024-04-19

   $/mt  +2.66
   $/mt  +6.28
Soybean Meal
   $/mt  +5.73
Soybean Oil
   $/mt  +5.97
   $/mt  +4.96
Wheat SRW
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During the past week, wheat, corn, soybean, soymeal, and soyoil futures in Chicago experienced slight to moderate declines, with soybeans seeing a significant decrease. In Paris, wheat futures increased, with the exception of the September contract, while corn futures increased and rapeseed futures declined.
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Yesterday, wheat, corn, soybean, soymeal, and soyoil futures in Chicago declined. In Paris, the nearest two wheat and corn contracts increased, while the following ones remained stable, and rapeseed futures increased.
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Yesterday, wheat and corn futures in Chicago declined, while soybeans, soymeal, and soyoil futures increased. In Paris, wheat and rapeseed futures decreased, while corn futures remained stable.

SovEcon has lowered their forecast for the wheat production in Russia for 2024/25 by 1 million tons to 93 million tons, marking the first reduction for the season.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine has made the first forecast for the grain and oilseed production in the country in 2024.

The Ministry of Agriculture of Russia predicts a production of oil crops in the country in 2024 of 28 million tons (29.9 in 2023).

According to data from APK-Inform in March, 52,400 tons of sunseed were exported from Ukraine, which is twice as much as in February.

According to the forecast by UkrOliyaProm for 2024/25, the production of main oilseeds in Ukraine will be 21 million tons /-3% compared to 2023/2014 – 21.668/.

Conab has lowered its forecast for soybean production in Brazil by 336,000 tons to 146.5 million tons (-5.2% compared to the previous season).


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