Corn - FOB Argentina

CBOT Chicago 2022-05-24

   $/mt  -5.71
   $/mt  +5.07
Soybean Meal
   $/mt  -7.72
Soybean Oil
   $/mt  +2.20
   $/mt  -12.95
Wheat SRW
Over the past week, CBOT SRW wheat and corn futures prices have fallen moderately, and soybean futures prices have risen sharply. In Paris, wheat futures prices rose minimally, corn prices moved in different directions, and rapeseed futures prices plummeted.
Chicago SRW wheat futures prices have risen significantly over the past week. The price of the July corn contract fell minimally, and the prices of the new corn crop rose sharply. The prices of all soybean contracts have increased. In Paris, wheat and rapeseed futures prices have increased notably. The price of corn from the old crop has fluctuated, and the price of the new corn crop have risen significantly.
Over the past week, CBOT SRW wheat futures prices have risen sharply, while corn and soybean futures prices have fallen sharply. In Paris, wheat and corn futures prices have skyrocketed, while rapeseed futures prices decreased significantly.

According to data from FranceAgriMer, as of 16.05.2022, 73% of winter wheat crops are in good and excellent condition in France (82% a week earlier and 79% a year earlier).

As of 19.05.2022, the sowing of spring crops in Ukraine was carried out on 11.845 million hectares, which is 70% of the previous year, including 5.6 million hectares of spring cereals (75%).

SovEcon has raised its forecast for the wheat production in Russia in 2022/23 to 88.6 million tons (+1.2 compared to the previous estimate and 76 in 2021/22) given the excellent condition of crops.

According to ICAR's forecast, the grain production in Russia will be 130.5 million tons in 2022, including a wheat production of 85 million tons (+9 compared to 2021/22).

As of 15.05.2022, 49% of the planned areas for corn have been sown in the United States (78% a year earlier and 67% on average for the last five years).

India banned wheat exports on Saturday. The ban does not apply to already agreed quantities of 4.3 million tons.


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In the Exports / Imports section we aim to provide you with periodic and accumulated data on exports and imports of wheat, corn, barley, soybeans, rapeseed, sunflower seed, soybean meal, sunflower meal, soybean oil, sunflower oil.
The key exporters that we have listed are Russia, Ukraine, EU, USA, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, Malaysia, Australia, Turkey, Romania and Bulgaria.
We have focused on major importers of grains and oilseeds, meal and vegetable oils including China, Mexico, EU, India and Turkey.


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