Grain Highlights 22.06.2022

Algeria has purchased 600,000 tons of milling wheat at a price of 445 USD/ton C&F and delivery within July - August.

- Russia, Ukraine, Turkey and the UN have developed a plan to open three corridors for grain exports from the Ukrainian port of Odessa. Turkish ships will accompany grain merchants in Ukrainian waters, and Russian ships will escort across the Black Sea.

- From 22.06.2022 the export tax on Russian wheat increased to 142 USD/ton from 131.6 USD/ton a week earlier. The export tax on barley will be 117.5 USD/ton (92.8) and the export tax on corn will be 86.5 USD/ton (84).

- According to the forecast of SovEcon, the wheat production in Russia will be 89.2 million tons in 2022 (+0.6 compared to the previous estimate).

- From the beginning of the season to June 22, 2022, 48,005 million tons of cereals were exported from Ukraine. From the beginning of June, exports of cereals reached 907,000 tons. Wheat exports reached 18.676 million tons (78,000), barley exports were 5.737 million tons (21,000) and corn exports were 23.12 million tons (803,000).

- Yesterday, commodity funds in Chicago were net sellers of 21,000 contracts of corn, 12,000 contracts of soybeans and 15,500 contracts of wheat.

- As of June 19, 2022, 98% of the areas planned for spring wheat have been sown in the United States. 59% of the crops are in good and excellent condition (+5% compared to the previous week). Winter wheat has been harvested on 25% of the areas (+10% compared to last year). The sowing campaign of soybeans has been carried out on 94% of the planned areas. 68% of soybean crops (70% and 60%) are in good and excellent condition.

- According to Conab data, as of June 18, 2022, 11% of the corn areas in Brazil have been harvested (+6% for the week).

- Over the period of June 1-19, 5.6 million tons of soybeans were exported from Brazil. In March, soybean exports reached 12.3 million tons. In April, exports were 11.5 million tons and 10.6 million tons in May.

- According to data from Oil World, 533,000 tons of vegetable oils were imported to China in May, which is well below the level of May 2021. Soyoil imports were 9,000 tons (130,000), sunseed oil imports were 16,000 tons (126,000), palm oil imports reached 258,000 tons (559,000) and rapeseed oil imports were 117,000 tons (216,000). In the first five months of 2022, oil imports reached 2.47 million tons (-58%), and from the beginning of the season (October - May) they totaled 5.19 million tons (-47.3%).

- Algeria has purchased 600,000 tons of milling wheat at a price of 445 USD/ton C&F and delivery within July - August.

- The authorities in Egypt have announced that the country will need to import 5 million tons of wheat in 2022/23. The list of suppliers has been expanded with the addition of Portugal. The government has already bought a record 4.1 million tons of wheat from local farmers. Now the country's wheat stocks are sufficient to meet demand by the end of 2022.

- Tunisia is looking to buy 75,000 tons of wheat and 50,000 tons of barley with delivery within 20.07 - 15.08.2022.