Grain Highlights

News in brief

Saudi Arabia announced an auction for the purchase of 1,5 mln tons of barley tobe delivered between March and May. 945,000 tons of barley were purchased at the previous auction at 177 – 192 USD/ton C&F to be delivered between January and March.

Canada to harvest another good wheat yield

Wheat yield in Canada will be 29.1 mln tons in 2017 - 2018, Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada reports. Yield will be 2.6 lower than last year, but still this will be the fourth highest yield in the past 20 years.

News in brief

Russian Ministry of Agriculture projects 2016 - 2017 grain export at 37.5 mln tons with the previous forecst at 35 mln tons.

News from Russia

APK – Inform reports that 681,400 tons of grain were exported from Russian sea ports between January 20 and January 26 compared with 423,700 tons a week earlier. 535,800 tons of wheat, 125,800 tons of corn and 19,800 tons of barley were exported.

News from Ukraine

APK – Inform reports that 705,000 tons of grain were exported from Ukrainian sea ports between January 21 and January 27 compared with 694,700 tons a week earlier. 294,200 tons of wheat and 410,800 tons of corn were exported.