Grain Highlights

Grain Highlights 29.06.2022

Over the period of June 1 - 26, 1.64 million tons of cereals and oilseeds were exported from Ukraine. Sunseed exports were 460,000 tons compared to 350,000 tons in May.

Grain Highlights 28.06.2022

In the German state of Saxony, farmers have started the harvesting campaign of winter barley. The expected yields vary greatly from 3 tons/hectare to 8 tons/hectare.

Grain Highlights 27.06.2022

Saudi Arabia bought 495,000 tons of milling wheat at an average price of 411.93 USD/ton C&F and delivery within November - January.

Grain Highlights 21.06.2022

In 2022, the wheat production in Bulgaria is projected to reach 6.5 - 6.7 million tons (7.1 in 2021, 4.7 in 2020 and 6.1 in 2019).

Grain Highlights 20.06.2022

Over the months of March-May, 1.06 million tons of Russian wheat were delivered to Egypt, which is 84% more than the previous year.

Grain Highlights 16.06.2022

The export of cereals and oilseeds from Russia is facing a serious shortage of vessels due to the refusal of many companies to accept Russian orders.

Grain Highlights 15.06.2022

In the new season, Asian consumers will increase purchases of wheat from France and Romania given the lack of supplies from Ukraine.