Grain Highlights

Grain Highlights 24.11.2022

In 2022/23, the grain production in Ukraine will reach 51 million tons, and the production of oil crops will be 16 million tons.

Grain Highlights 22.11.2022

Algeria has announced a tender to buy at least 50,000 tons of durum wheat with delivery within December-January.

Grain Highlights 18.11.2022

As of 11/16/2022, 45% of wheat crops in Argentina were in good and excellent condition (43% a week earlier and 92% a year earlier). Precipitation is the basis of the increase.

Grain Highlights 17.11.2022

Egypt's state-owned company GASC has bought 300,000 tons of Russian wheat at 362 USD/ton C&F (about 312-315 FOB) and delivery within December-January.

Grain Highlights 15.11.2022

The USA, EU and Great Britain have limited sanctions on Russian entities in order to ease the export of agricultural products and fertilizers. The relief will affect banks, insurers, carriers and others.

Grain Highlights 14.11.2022

Saudi Arabia has bought 1 million tons of wheat (protein 12.5%) of any origin at an average price of 382.65 USD/ton and delivery within April-June 2023.

Grain Highlights 11.11.2022

Over the period of July - early November, the largest importer of wheat in the EU was Ukraine with 1.5 million tons (188,000 a year earlier).