Grain Highlights

Grain Highlights 07.12.2023

Refinitiv Commodities Research has lowered its forecast for the corn production in Argentina for the 2023/24 season by 3% to 51.9 million tons.

Grain Highlights 06.12.2023

According to IKAR's forecast, the wheat production in Russia is expected to reach 92 million tons in 2024, and the total grain production is projected to reach 145 million tons.

Grain Higlights 05.12.2023

Abares has raised the forecast for winter wheat production in Australia by 0.1 million tons to 25.5 million tons (-37% compared to 2022/23).

Grain Highlights 04.12.2023

In November, Russia exported 3.9 million tons of grain, including 2.9 million tons of wheat (down 32% compared to October and 21% compared to November 2022).

Grain Highlights 01.12.2023

Nord Cereales, managing grain terminals in the French port of Dunkirk, confirms the shipment of French grain to China in December.

Grain Highlights 30.11.2023

During the period from November 1 to November 24, grain exports by sea from Ukraine amounted to 2.1 million tons, including 740,000 tons through Danube ports and 1.4 million tons through sea ports.

Grain Highlights 29.11.2023

The first forecast for the wheat production in Russia in 2024 by SovEcon indicates 89.8 million tons (compared to 91.5 in 2023).

Grain Highlights 28.11.2023

According to information from the market, the delivery of several batches of French wheat purchased by China has been postponed from December 2023 to March 2024.

Grain Highlights 27.11.2023

According to the forecast of the Russian Grain Union, grain exports from Russia in November are expected to decrease to 4 million tons (previously estimated at 4.2 - 4.5 million tons).