Grain harvest almost complete in Western Australia

Farmers in the state of Western Australia have almost finished harvesting the winter grain. Yield has hit record 18 mln tons.

The biggest grain company in the state, СВН, projected in November a yield of 13 – 14 mln tons. The forcast was then raised in December up to 15 mln tons and later further up to 16.6 mln tons. However, the yield is practically 18 mln tons.

Despite the cold in September, grain yield is very high. Wheat relative weight reached a very high level – 800 – 840 kg/m³.

USDA bureau in Canbera projected that 7.4 mln tons of barley will be exported from Australia in 2016 - 2017, which is 0.4 mln tons more than the official USDA forecast and 37% higher than the previous year. FAS USDA projected a barley yield of 11 mln tons of barley during the season..