Grain Highlights

According to forecast of Abiove, in 2018, biodiesel production in Brazil will be 5.5 billion litres at 4.2 billion litres in 2017.


- Tunisia purchased 100,000 tonnes of wheat at  average price of 207.67 USD / mt.

- In the first 4 months of 2017/18, 9,600 tonnes of rye were exported from Ukraine at 179,000 tonnes a year earlier.

- The government of Iran purchased 8.87 million tonnes of wheat, new crop from farmers. A year earlier, 11.76 million tonnes of wheat were purchased.

- From November 22, 2017, Iran revoked the ban on import of rice in the country. The decision will be in force until July 22, 2018.

- Australia's meteorological office raised the likelihood of La Niña's development during the period December - February to 70%. A week earlier, meteorologists from Japan forecast the phenomenon to develop with a probability of 50-60%.



- India's decision to raise the import duty on peas to 50% will increase the areas under cultivation in India in 2018. This will affect the world's largest pea producer - Canada, where crops will drop by 30-35%.

- According to the Russian Ministry of Agriculture, in 2018, grain crops in the country will not decrease compared to 2017.

- From January to September 2017, 27.9 million tonnes of grain were exported from Russia, up 17.7% from the previous year. 20.93 million tonnes of wheat (+ 17.8%), 3.058 million tonnes of barley (+ 33.4%), 3.651 million tonnes of corn (+ 7.5%) were exported. Flour export fell by 30.9% to 128,000 tonnes. Sunflower export increased by + 300% to 269,000 tonnes.

- According to data from market operators, Tunisia purchased 50,000 tonnes of barley at price of 208.98 USD / mt, C & F for January - February 2018 shipment.

- According to Rosstat, as of November 1, 2017 grain stocks in Russian agricultural and processing plants reached 56.36 million tonnes (+ 16% over last year).


Oil crops and vegetable oils

- As of November 22, 2017, in Russia,  5.9 million hectares under sunflower cultivation are harvested or 75% of the areas. As of the same date in 2016 areas not harvested were 10%, in 2015 - 5%, in 2014 - 9%, in 2013 - 19%, in 2012 - 12%. Slow sunflower harvest is due to adverse natural conditions. Certainly the crop will be below the result of 2016 - 11 million tonnes.

- During the week, delegations from Malaysia and Indonesia will discuss the EU's decision to restrict palm oil import. Malaysia and Indonesia have a share of 85% of the global palm oil export and will be seriously affected by the European measures.

- According to Oil World, in September, 2.37 million tonnes of palm oil were exported from Indonesia, at 1.86 million tonnes a year earlier. In the first nine months of 2017, 20.5 million tonnes of the product were exported from the country (+4.2 million tonnes). During the period palm oil production in the country was 27 million tonnes (+ 18%). In 2016/17, biodiesel export from Indonesia reached 192,000 tonnes (428,000).

- According to Abiove's forecast, in 2018 biodiesel production in Brazil will be 5.5 billion litres at 4.2 billion litres in 2017.

- In September 2017/18, rapeseed oil export from Russia reached 32,800 tonnes at 40,700 tonnes in August and 24,200 tonnes in September 2016/17. Throughout 2017/18 oil export will be 109,400 tonnes.

- During the period January - October 2017, 4.209 million tonnes of sunflower oil were produced in Ukraine, up 26.4% from the previous year.