Grain Highlights

As of November 16, 2017 1.043 million hectares ares sown with wheat in Bulgaria, by 8.2% more than the previous year.


- Since the beginning of the season Russian wheat 4th grade  turned out to be the the most demanded for export - 80% of the total export. Egypt has purchased 2.5 million tonnes of wheat 4th grade and Turkey 0.7 million tonnes.

- The Taiwan Flour Millers' Association announced a tender for the purchase of 81,780 tonnes of US milling wheat for January - February 2018.

- The EU approved import of 34,700 tonnes of wheat under the current tariff quotas.

- In this season 0.1% of the Russian soft wheat is 2nd grade, 24.7% 3rd grade, 43.7% 4th grade, 31.4% 5th grade.



- On November 24, 2017 Saudi Arabia purchased 720,000 tonnes of feed barley of optional origin and for  January - February 2018 shipment. Prices are within the range of 211.15 - 219.42 USD / mt, C & F.

- During the week of November 20-27, 364,849 tonnes of grain were exported from the Russian port of Novorossiysk, which is 22% less than the previous week and 15% less than last year. 349,249 tonnes of wheat were exported, which is 14.2% more than the previous week, 15,600 tonnes of corn(-74%), barley was not exported.

- In October, 416,100 tonnes of barley were exported from Ukraine, which is 21% less than October 2016 - 525,000 tonnes. In the first four months of the season export amounts to only 4% below the level of last year - 3.544 million tonnes (3.693). For Saudi Arabia, 1.5 million tonnes of barley were exported or 43% of the total export. China exported 790,000 tonnes of barley.


Oil crops and vegetable oils

- According to Oil World's forecast, in India, in 2017/18, 15.5 million tonnes of vegetable oil will be imported at previous forecast of 15.9 million tonnes. In 216/17, import reached 15.4 million tonnes. During the season the consumption of vegetable oils in the country will increase by 3.8% or 0.8 million tonnes at + 3.6% a year earlier. Imports of palm oil will reach 9.4 million tonnes (9.37), soybean oil 3.5 million tonnes (3.4), sunflower oil 2.2 million tonnes (2.14), rapeseed oil 0.26 million tonnes (0.34) - 3 years low.

- Egypt's state-owned company GASC is looking to buy at least 30,000 tonnes of soybean oil and 10,000 tonnes of sunflower oil of optional origin for January 2018 shipment.

- As of November 21, 2017, 119,000 tonnes of rapeseed were exported from Russia at 75,000 tonnes for the same period in 2016/17.

- According to Oil World forecast, in the first quarter of the current season (July-September) processing of oil crops in the EU reached 11.16 million tonnes (11.27 million tonnes a year earlier). Processing of soybeans decreased by 8% to 3.38 million tonnes (3.66). Sunflower processing reaches 1.56 million tonnes (+ 11% and 1.4) and that of rapeseed 6.22 million tonnes (6.21).