Grain Highlights

In the last month China purchased 10 – 12 lots of corn from the US with total volume of approximately 700,000 tonnes at latest price 232 USD/tonne C&F.


- Bangladesh has purchased 50,000 tonnes of mill wheat (12.5%) of random origin at prices  245.35 - 262.87 USD / tonne C & F.
- According to USDA, as of November 26th 2017, 92% of the wheat crops in the United States have grown, which is the average for the past five years. In good and excellent condition are 50% of the crops at 52% a week earlier and 58% a year earlier.
- The government of Iran has bought 8.87 million tonnes of wheat from farmers.



- In the last month, China has purchased 10 - 12 lots of corn from the US with a total volume of around 700,000 tonnes, at price of 232 USD / tonne C & F. China's intentions are to continue the purchases in order to regulate domestic prices. Imported corn now is about 300 yuan / tonne cheaper than Chinese on the domestic market. During the season, the US plans to deliver 3 million tonnes of corn to China,  22% moree than the previous year.
- During the first 10 months of 2017, agricultural production for 14.7 billion USD was exported from Ukraine, which is 23% more than in the previous year. The main customer is India with a share of 11.3% followed by Egypt 7.5% and the Netherlands 6.9%.

- In 2017/2018 corn crop in Russia will decrease by 1.8 million tonnes to 13.5 million tonnes according to IKAR forecast. Compared to the previous year, the price of this culture is 40-50% lower, which is due to the low export activity.
- The government of China is starting to subsidize the construction of a grain logistics network in the country - rail infrastructure, sea and river ports. The aim is to regulate domestic prices, which, due to poor logistics, have risen steadily.
- The Russian Ministry of Agriculture expects the grain crop in the country to be over 120 million tonnes by 2020. Over the period 1st July - 22nd November, 20.182 million tonnes of grain were exported from the country, 27.6% more from the previous year.

- According to USDA  as of November 26th 2017, 95% of the corn areas were harvested in the US at 98% a year earlier and 98% on average over the past five years.
- The National Council of Philippines on Corn Competitiveness NCCB has asked the government to lift the export restrictions for corn. This will raise crop prices and producers will be able to keep their business.
- At present the Brazilian farmers have sold 20-30% of their corn crop 2017/2018. Typically, conversion rates are twice as high. Short-term contracts are now priced at 4.1 - 4.25 USD / bushel, and the contracts for July - August 2018 are priced at 4.5 - 4.8 USD / bushel.

According to data from the Ministry of Agriculture of Ukraine, as of 27th November 2017, 13.988 million hectares of grain or 96% of all areas were harvested in the country. 59.383 million tonnes of grain were harvested at an average yield of 4.25 tonnes / ha. Corn harvested is 3.947 million hectares (88%), collected 21.1 million tonnes of corn at an average yield of 5.35 tonnes / ha. With these results,corn crop in Ukraine will be not more than 24 million tonnes.
- As of 17 th November 2017, 23 million hectares of winter crops were planted in India at 16.3 million hectares last week. 6.2 million hectares were planted with wheat (7.5 million hectares in 2016 and 9.4 million hectares on average over the past five years). With corn, 0.5 million hectares (0.4 and 0.4) were sown, 0.9 million hectares (0.7 and 0.8) with rice. The sowing of oil crops was carried out on an area of ​​5 million hectares (5.1 and 5.4), incl. rapeseed 4.5 million hectares (4.7 and 4.8).


Oil crops and vegetable oils

- From the beginning of the season until 24th November 2017, 2.7 million tonnes of oilseeds were exported from Ukraine, which is 1.1 million tonnes more than the same period of the previous year. The rapeseed exports reached 1.8 million tonnes (+1) and soybeans 800,000 tonnes.
- According to data from the Ministry of the Agriculture of Ukraine, as of 27th November 2017 in the country are harvested 5,918 million hectares with sunflower (99%). 11,881 million tonnes of sunflower were harvested at an average yield of 2.01 tonnes / ha. With soybeans are harvested 1.931 million hectares (97%), 3.722 million tonnes of soybeans were collected at an average yield of 1.93 tonnes / ha.