Grain Highlights 25.11.2020

In October, China's corn imports reached 1.14 million tons, which is 1151% more than in October 2019.



- In the week of 15 - 22 November, wheat exports from the EU were 328,500 tons compared to 657,200 tons a week earlier. The main exporters were Poland with 182,000 tons, France with 53,400 tons and Lithuania with 49,000 tons.

- As of November 22, 2020, 43% of wheat crops are in good and excellent condition in the United States (46% a week earlier and 52% a year earlier). 42% of the area for growing crops in the country has a deficit of moisture at 41% (41% and 17%).



- As of October 24, 2020, 2.5 million hectares of corn were harvested in Russia (92.8% of the area), 13.6 million tons of corn were harvested at an average yield of 5.41 tons / hectare. 8.3 million hectares (99%) were harvested with sunflower, 13.2 million tons of sunflower were harvested at an average yield of 1.59 tons / hectare. 1.93 million hectares (100.5%) were sown with winter crops.

- As of November 23, 2020, almost 6 million hectares of winter wheat have been sown in Ukraine (98% of the total forecast). 0.933 million hectares (99%) were sown with barley, 0.875 million hectares (87%) with rapeseed.

- From the beginning of the season until 22.11.2020, 14.364 million tons of grain were exported from the EU, which is 22% less than the previous season (-22% a week earlier). Imports reach 9,098 million tons (-12% and -13%). Maize imports are 6.75 million tons (-17% and -17%).

- In October, the import of corn in China reached 1.14 million tons, which is 1151% more than import of corn in October 2019. Since the beginning of the year, the indicator is 7.82 million tons (-97.3%). The import of wheat for the month is 630,000 tons (+ 127%), and since the beginning of the year 6.69 million tons (+ 163.6%). The import of barley is 1.34 million tons (+ 98.3%), and since the beginning of the year it reaches 5.98 million tons (+ 13.4%).

- Tunisia has bought 75,000 tons of durum, 92,000 tons of soft wheat and 75,000 tons of barley with delivery in December-January.

- On 24.11.2020, Turkey purchased 155,000 tons of feed barley of any origin and delivery in December at a price of 226.4 - 237.8 USD / mt C&F. Turkey has recently purchased 350,000 tons of feed corn at a price 245.3 – 250.9 USD / mt.

- A group of Thai feed manufacturers has announced a tender for the purchase of 160,000 tons of feed wheat and 80,000 tons of feed barley of any origin with delivery January - March.


Oilseeds and vegetable oils

- As of November 1, 2020, sunflower seeds stock in Ukraine were 7.2 million tons compared to 8.8 million tons a year earlier. In the new season, the harvest is estimated to reach 13 - 13.25 million tons compared to 15.3 million tons a year earlier.

- According to AgRural, as of 19.11.2020 81% of the areas planned for soybeans have been sown (+ 11% for the week and 79% a year earlier) in Brazil. The forecast for the harvest of 132.2 million tons of 38.3 million hectares remains.

- According to the forecast of Oil World, in 2020/21 the import of vegetable oils in India reach 14.7 - 14.8 million tons, which is 0.7 - 0.8 million tons more than 2019/20. The growth was caused by low oil stocks in India at the end of September - 2 million tons (0.5 million tons drop compared to the previous year). Imports of sunflower oil will be 1.95 million tons (-20%), soybean oil to a record of 3.9 million tons (3.61), palm oil 8.7 million tons (+1). The growth of imports will also be driven by thethe recovery of domestic consumption. In 2019/20 the decline in consumption was 1.3 million tons or -6%, which is the second decrease in history. Reduced consumption of sunflower oil will be associated with its high price.