Grain Highlights 14.01.2021

China's soybean imports reached 100.33 million tons in 2020 (+ 13% compared to 2019).


- On 13.01.2021, Jordan bought 60,000 tons of durum wheat of any origin. Most likely, the wheat is Romanian and the price is 269.2 USD/ton C&F with delivery in early August.

- The Government of Bangladesh has approved the purchase of 50,000 tons of milling wheat of any origin at a price of 326.92 USD/ton C&F.


- Strategie Grains raises its forecast for the EU cereal production in 2021. The wheat production will reach 129.7 million tons (+0.1 million tons compared to the previous estimate and +9% compared to 2020/21) and corn production is projected at 63.6 million. tons (+0.1 and 61.9).

- According to the European Commission, in the week of Jan 4-10, wheat exports from the EU reached 146,500 tons compared to 511,300 tons a week earlier. 60,100 tons of wheat were exported from France, 47,600 tons from Lithuania and 31,600 tons from Latvia. Since the beginning of the season, exports have reached a total of 13.6 million tons (-15% compared to last year or 16 million tons), including export for:

  • Algeria- 2.8 million tons
  • China- 1.5 million tons
  • Saudi Arabia- 1.4 million tons

Since the beginning of the season, the import of corn is 8.9 million tons (-25%) and durum imports amount to 1.6 million tons (+ 57%).

- FranceAgrimer raises its estimate for the feed barley production in France in 2020/21 to 5.719 million tons, which is 1.3% more than their December estimate and 27.3% less than in 2019/20. 3 million tons of barley (+3.4% and -25.6%) will be exported to non-EU countries. Exports of soft wheat will be 13.407 million tons (+ 1% and -36.2%), including exports to non-EU countries of 7.27 million tons (+2.5% and -46.4%).

- Yesterday, commodity funds in Chicago were net buyers of corn (+20,000)  and net sellers of both soybeans (-8,000) and wheat (-4,500).

- In their January forecast, Conab project the wheat production in Brazil for 2020/21 at 6.235 million tons, which is 0.8% more than their previous estimate and 20.9% more than 2019/20. Imports will be 6.8 million tons (+1.8% compared to 2019/20), which will be the highest level since 2016. The corn production is predicted to reach 102.313 million tons (-0.3% and -0.2%). Corn exports are expected at 35 million tons (35 and 0.5). The soybean production will reach 133.7 million tons (134.5 and 124.9). AgRural expects a record 131.7 million tons.

- The wheat harvesting in Argentina will end in January and the production is expected to reach 17 million tons, according to the latest forecast of the Grain Exchange in Rosario. The previous estimate was 16.5 million tons. The soybean production is projected at 47 million tons and corn production is estimated at 46 million tons.

- On January 12, 2021, Turkey purchased 155,000 tons of corn and 130,000 tons of feed barley with delivery in January-February.

Oilseeds and vegoils

- As of January 14, 2021, the Ukrainian ports have moved to a normal rhythm of work and the bad weather conditions are no longer a problem.

- Soybean imports to China reached 100.33 million tons in 2020 (+13% compared to 2019). In December, imports were 7.52 million tons (9.54 and 9.59).

- According to Oil World, in December, world exports of soymeal fell to 3.11 million tons from 4.9 million tons a year earlier. These exports included:

  • 0.66 million tons of soymeal were exported from Argentina
  • 0.95 million tons from Brazil
  • 1.29 million tons (0.99) from the US

During the month, imports to the EU were 0.75 million tons (1.63).