Grain Highlights 13.05.2021

According to the forecast of Atria Brokers, the world's total sunseed production will reach 57 million tons in 2021/22, which is 7 million tons higher than 2020/21.

- FranceAgriMer has lowered its forecast for the ending wheat stocks in France this season to 2.6 million tons from 2.7 million tons in the previous estimate and 3 million tons in 2019/20. Ending stocks of barley are estimated at 1.02 million tons (1.06) and ending corn stocks at 1.9 million tons (2).

- In March, wheat imports into the UK reached 176,600 tons compared to 95,300 tons in February. The main suppliers were Canada with 74,400 tons and Denmark with 55,050 tons. Since the beginning of the season, wheat imports have reached a total of 1.86 million tons (835,900) and Germany has been the main supplier with 499,040 tons.

- According to Conab's forecast, the wheat production in Brazil will reach 6.639 million tons (6.235 million tons in 2020/21) in 2021/22. Wheat imports in the new season will decrease by 200,000 tons to 6.4 million tons, and ending wheat stocks will increase 3.8 times.

- Conab lowered its forecast for the second corn crop in Brazil in 2020/21 by 2.8 million tons to 79.8 million tons compared to 75.1 million tons a year earlier. Thus, the total corn production will be 106.4 million tons. Domestic corn consumption is projected at 72.15 million tons, corn exports are predicted at 35 million tons and ending corn stocks at 10.866 million tons, which is 2.5% more than in 2019/20.

- According to SEA, palm oil imports in India reached 701,800 tons in April (+82% compared to April 2020). Soyoil imports in India for the previous month were 144,000 tons (-21%) and sunseed oil imports were 184,100 tons (-18%).

- The authorities in Egypt have bought 2.2 million tons of wheat from the new crop from local farmers, which is 65% of the planned volume for the season of 3.4 million tons.