Grain Highlights 21.06.2022

In 2022, the wheat production in Bulgaria is projected to reach 6.5 - 6.7 million tons (7.1 in 2021, 4.7 in 2020 and 6.1 in 2019).

- In May, 1.03 million tons of wheat were exported from Russia, which is 43% less than in April. The main customers were Turkey with 280,600 tons, Egypt with 268,300 tons and Saudi Arabia with 188,700 tons.

- According to the latest MARS forecast, the average wheat yield in the EU will reach 5.8 tons/hectare in 2022 (-2% compared to May and -5% compared to 2021). The yield of winter barley will reach 5.7 tons/hectare (-1% and -6%).  Corn yield is expected at 7.9 tons/hectare (-1% and -1%). Rapeseed yield is projected at 3.1 tons/hectare (-2% and -2%) and the yield of sunseed is estimated at 2.4 tons/hectare (-1% and without change).

- According to the General Customs Service of China, 7.79 million tons of soybeans were delivered from Brazil in May (9.23 years earlier). Deliveries from the United States were 1.73 million tons (244,431). In the first five months of the year, soybean imports to China from Brazil reached 20.47 million tons (15.66) and 16.77 million tons  from the United States (21.51). Over the same period, soybean processors in China lost an average of 25.75 USD/ton.

- Jordan has canceled a tender for the purchase of 120,000 tons of wheat of any origin. A new tender has been announced for 28.06.2022 with delivery within September - November.

- Saudi Arabia bought 540,000 tons of wheat with delivery within August-January.

- Bangladesh has announced a tender for the purchase of 50,000 tons of wheat of any origin and delivery within August - September.

- Iran will provide a free corridor for the export of agricultural products from Kazakhstan.