Grain Highlights 02.08.2022

In July, 2,804 million tons of wheat were exported from Russia (-10.5% compared to July 2021).

- In July, 2,804 million tons of wheat were exported from Russia (-10.5% compared to July 2021). Barley exports were 180,000 tons (491,000) and corn exports reached 119,000 tons (128,400).

- The government of Ukraine announced that after a safety review of the routes from the country, 3 million tons of grain will be exported monthly, which will be reached within a month.

- Strategie Grains has raised its forecast for the EU rapeseed production in 2022/23 to 18.5 million tons (+9% compared to 2021/22). The sunseed production is projected to reach 10.4 million tons (unchanged).

- According to the DBV estimate, the winter wheat production in Germany in 2022 reaches 21.4 million tons (+1.2 compared to the July forecast and +1% compared to 2021/22). The winter barley production is estimated at 9.2 million tons (+3% compared to 2021), and the winter rapeseed production reaches 4 million tons (+13%).

- According to an estimate of the Federal Statistical Office of Germany, over the period of July 2021 - May 2022, 1.5 million tons of rapeseed meal were exported from the country (-22% compared to the previous year) and is the lowest level for the last 3 years. 1.45 million tons of the production were exported to other EU countries, including 660,000 tons to Netherlands. During the same period, rapeseed meal production in the country reached 4.8 million tons (-5.5%).

- In 2022/23, Australia's wheat production will reach 31 million tons (36.3 in 2021/22) according to the AOF forecast, which is the fourth highest result in history. The barley production is expected to reach 11 million tons (13.7), and the rapeseed production will be a record 5.5 million tons.

- As of 31.07.2022, 70% of spring wheat crops are in good and excellent condition (+2% compared to last week), as well as 60% of the soybean crops (+1%) and 61% of the corn crops.

- Tunisia has announced a tender for the purchase of 100,000 tons of soft wheat and 50,000 tons of barley with delivery within 25.08 – 05.10.2022.

- La Niña has a 70% probability of development over the period of July - August 2022 and 50 - 60% after this period.