Grain Highlights 16.08.2022

According to Oil World's forecast, the sunseed production in the EU will be 9.81 million tons in 2022/23 (10.5 in 2021/22).

- Since the beginning of July, 5.6 million tons of grain have been exported from Russia (-12% compared to the previous year), including 4.672 million tons of wheat (-13%), 682,000 tons of barley (-7%) and 160,400 tons of corn (+5.6%). The first place among buyers goes to Iran with 928,000 tons (1+ million tons), followed by Turkey with 913,000 tons (-35%) and Egypt with 859,000 tons (+20%).

- According to a forecast by Rusagrotrans, the production of oil crops in Russia will reach a record 26 million tons in 2022 (+1.6 compared to the previous estimate and 23.3 in 2021). The sunseed production will be 16.7 million tons (+1.2 and 15.6), soybean production is estimated at 5.3 million tons (+0.1 and 4.8) and rapeseed production is expected at 3.96 million tons (+0.2 and 2.78).

- Since the beginning of the opening of the grain corridor from Ukraine, 450,000 tons of grain and oil crops and their derivatives loaded on 16 ships have been exported. 350,000 tons of corn, 50,000 tons of flour, 11,000 tons of soybeans, 6,000 tons of sunseed oil, 3,000 tons of wheat, 3,000 tons of sunseed were exported.

- In recent weeks, the levels of the European rivers Rhine and Danube have dropped to critical levels, which makes it very difficult and expensive to transport grain. It is difficult to export grain from Ukraine along the Danube.

- The drought has destroyed up to 90% of the corn crops in Moldova. The production will reach 700,000 – 800,000 tons, which is 25% of the 2021 production. The sunseed production will reach a maximum of 600,000 tons (-30%).

- According to Oil World's forecast, the sunseed production in the EU will be 9.81 million tons in 2022/23 (10.5 in 2021/22). The sunseed production will be 1.6 million tonsin France (1.9), 2.6 million tons in Romania (3), 1.7 million tons in Hungary (1.8) and 0.7 million tons in Spain (0.8). Sunseed stocks will reach 1.15 million tons (1.5). Rapeseed production will be 18.88 million tons (+0.4), including 4.35 million tons in France (3.43) and 4 million tons in Germany (3.61). Imports will be 5.7 million tons (5.62).

- The German company Bayer has decided to continue exporting agricultural products to Russia. The exception is made to address the world food crisis.

- Corn supplies from Brazil to China are expected to start from the end of 2022. Soymeal supplies have not yet been regulated with requirements, but this is also expected to be done in the coming months.

- In the first half of 2022, the import of wheat in Azerbaijan reached 400,750 tons (-0.5% compared to the previous year). In June alone, deliveries were 47,120 tons. The import of vegetable oils for the half-year were 66,800 tons (-9.2%), and for June alone - 5,520 tons (-26.5%).

- Saudi Arabia has purchased 180,000 tons of wheat of any origin and delivery within October-February. At the previous tender, 495,000 tons of wheat were purchased at a price of 441.93 USD/ton C&F.