Grain Highlights 17.01.2023

IKAR has raised its forecast for the wheat exports from Russia in 2022/23 from 44 million tons to 45.5 million tons. The estimate for grain exports has been increased from 53.5 million tons to 55.5 million tons.

- Rosstat has lowered its estimate for the sunseed production in Russia in 2022 by 856,000 tons compared to the previous estimate to 14.486 million tons.

- Over the period of 01.07.2022 - 16.01.2023, 24.472 million tons of grain were exported from Ukraine (35.07 a year earlier), including 1,726 million tons in December (2,598). Exported wheat was 8.891 million tons (480,000 in January) and corn exports were 13.788 million tons (1.164).

- The government of Mexico has announced an export tax of 50% on the export of white corn. In 2022, white corn production in Mexico is 23 million tons.

- As of 01.01.2023, stocks of oil crops in Kazakhstan were 2,526 million tons (1,674 a year earlier).

- According to AgRural data, as of 12/01/2023, 0.6% of the soybean areas have been harvested in Brazil (1.2% a year earlier). Rainfall in the country is delaying the campaign. 4.5% of the crops were harvested with first corn crop (+2.2% for the week and 6.3% a year earlier).

- According to a forecast of the Rosario Grain Exchange, in 2022/23, sunflower production in Argentina will reach 4.1 million tons, from 2.2 million hectares. According to data from the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, as of 11/01/2023, 193,700 hectares were harvested and 300,900 tons of sunseed were harvested at an average yield of 1.55 tons/hectare.

- According to data from Societe Generale de Surveillance, over the period of January 1-15, 453,700 tons of palm oil were exported from Malaysia (634,600 a month earlier). The main customers were EU with 85,500 tons (137,900), China with 24,300 tons (56,400), Pakistan with 10,000 tons (15,000), USA with 14,000 tons (26,200) and India with 89,800 tons (129,100). In December 2022, palm oil exports were 1.51 million tons.