Grain Highlights 11.09.2023

The first corn and sunflower yields in Moldova are very low. In the southern parts of the country, the sunseed yield is around 1 ton per hectare.

- From September 4th to September 10th, 484,000 tons of grain were exported from the Russian port of Novorossiysk (-4% compared to the previous week), including 421,000 tons of wheat and 63,000 tons of barley. Wheat was delivered to Iran (110,000 tons), Pakistan (58,000 tons), Indonesia (51,000 tons), and all the barley was for Saudi Arabia.

- From July to August, Russia exported 1.323 million tons of grain to Saudi Arabia (704,000 tons more than the previous year), 1.284 million tons to Egypt (+12.1%), 1.283 million tons to Turkey, and 1.127 million tons to Iran.

- According to a government forecast from Ukraine, grain and oilseed exports in 2023/24 will be no less than 50 million tons and at least 10 million tons of oil and meal.

- As of September 9, 2023, in Kazakhstan, 5 million hectares of grain crops have been harvested (29.2% of all areas) with a very low average yield of 0.99 tons per hectare.

- According to FranceAgriMer data as of September 4, 2023, 80% of the corn crops in France are in good or excellent condition (-2% for the week and 44% compared to the previous year). Corn harvesting has been completed on 1% of the areas (5% the previous year). Harvesting of spring barley and all winter crops is now completed.

- In the first half of 2023, Germany exported 1.5 million tons of biodiesel, which is 16% more than the previous year, and imports were 686,100 tons (-11%). The largest customers were the Netherlands (164,000 tons), Belgium (164,000 tons), France (62,000 tons), Sweden (59,000 tons), and the United States (242,000 tons). The largest suppliers were the Netherlands, Belgium, Malaysia, Austria, Poland, and Finland.

- On Friday, Chicago commodity funds were net sellers of 2,000 wheat contracts and 2,000 corn contracts, and net buyers of 2,500 soybean contracts.

- Iran has announced a tender to purchase 180,000 tons of corn from Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, EU countries, or the Black Sea region, with delivery within October-November.