Grain Highlights 30.11.2023

During the period from November 1 to November 24, grain exports by sea from Ukraine amounted to 2.1 million tons, including 740,000 tons through Danube ports and 1.4 million tons through sea ports.

According to the latest assessment by IKAR, grain production in Russia in 2023 is estimated at 144 million tons, including 91.6 million tons of wheat. The grain's export potential is 63 million tons, with wheat accounting for 48 million tons.

In October, the production of crude sunseed oil in Russia was 603,000 tons (+2% compared to October 2022 and +48.9% compared to September 2023).

According to the European Commission's estimate from the beginning of the season until November 26, 2023, the export of soft wheat from the EU is 11.99 million tons (compared to 14.68 million tons the previous year). Major buyers included Morocco with 1.83 million tons, Nigeria with 1.23 million tons, Egypt with 972,000 tons, Algeria with 967,000 tons, and South Africa with 642,700 tons.

During the period from December 1 to December 15, the base price of crude palm oil will be 795.14 USD/ton. In November, the price was 750.54 USD/ton. The export tax in December will be 33 USD/ton (compared to 18 in November).

According to data from CNGOIC, during the period from November 18 to November 24, soybean processing in China reached 2 million tons (+9% compared to the previous week and +2% compared to the previous year).

The South Korean KFA has purchased 65,000 tons of corn from the United States, South America, or South Africa at a price of 255.6 USD/ton C&F with delivery until March 30, 2024.