News in brief

The private broker company INTL FCStone projected a higher corn yield in Brazil of 91.5 mln tons, an increase from 91.1 mln tons. Soybean forecast has been increased too from 102.8 mln tons to 104.08 mln tons.

Ethiopia has put off an auction for the purchase of 400,000 tons of milling wheat of random origin from February 3 to February 7.

South Africa keeps importing large amounts of corn despite the perspective of good grain yield in the country. 51,590 tons of corn were imported between January 21 and January 27, including 21,307 tons of white corn and 30,283 tons of yellow corn. 1.87 mln tons of corn (+230% compared with the previous year) were imported in South Africa during the current season. 20,693 tons of wheat were imported in the week and the season-long import has been 141,888 tons (-77%).

Algeria completed the purchase of 25,000 tons of barley fodder at the price of 178.78 USD/ton C&F.

Record amount of 4.25 – 4.35 mln tons of grain oil may be produced in Russia in 2016 - 2017. This will be possible after record amount of 10.7 mln tons of sunflower has been harvested so far in 2016 - 2017. 1.2 mln tons of oil were produced in November (+13% compared with 2015).

Oil World reported that the five key soybean meal exporter countries exported 5.37 mln tons in January 2017 compared with 5.34 mln tons a year earlier. Argentina exported the biggest amount 2.6 mln tons (3). Brazil exported 1.39 mln tons of soybean meal (1.18), the US export was 1.05 mln tons (1.00) while Paraguay exported 0.13 mln tons (0.13). Soybean meal export from India went up to 200,000 tons (30,000).

Grain yield in Kazakhstan was 14.9 mln tons in 2016, which is +10% more than last year, but 5 – 9% less than analysts' initial forecast. The average grain yield was 121 kg/decare (119).