Record Wheat Areas Have Been Sowed In India

Indian farmers sowed 645 mln decares of grain in the last sowing campaign, which is a 6% increase on last year.

Wheat areas reached 317.8 mln decares while beans are 159.7 mln decares. Grain areas were smaller in 2014 and 2015 due to drought. Grain areas were 644 mln decares in 2013.

Weather conditions are good and a record grain yield is expected.

Rice Exporters' Association in Thailand reported that India was the world leading rice exporter last year with 10.43 mln tons followed by Thailand with 9.88 mln tons, Vietnam in third with 4.95 mln tons, Pakistan with 4.19 mln tons and the USA with 3.52 mln tons. 10 mln tons of rice will be exported from India in the current season with the forecast for Thailand reading 9.7 mln tons, Vietnam will export 5.8 mln tons and Pakistan will export 3.55 mln tons, FAS USDA projected. Thailand Association project the export of 9.5 mln tons of rice.