Grain Highlights

In November the export of grain from Russia will be 4.45 million tonnes. In October the export was 4.56 million tonnes, and in November 2016 – 3.75 million tonnes. For the period July - November the export will exceed for the first time the level of 20 million tonnes according to data of Rusagrotrans to 21.5 million tonnes (17.18).


- Japan purchased 132,390 tonnes of wheat from the US, Canada and Australia for December 2017 - January 2018 shipment.

- The Government of India increased the import duty on wheat from 10% to 20%, ion order to protect local farmers. At 20% duty, wheat imports will practically stop. In 2016/17 import of wheat to India was 5.75 million tonnes.

- Turkey announced a tender for the purchase of 230,000 tonnes of red milling wheat with protein content of 13.5% and humidity of 14%.

- Brazil refused duty-free import of 750,000 tonnes of wheat from countries outside Mercosur.



- According to AgRural's latest forecast, as of November 11, 2017 corn sowing campaign of corn, first crop in Brazil is completed on 49% of the planned areas at 63% a year earlier and 51% on average for the recent years. Last week, sowing was completed on 13% of the areas. The delay will also impact the sowing of corn, second crop, that is 75% of the total corn crop. It is estimated that at this rate of sowing 30% of the areas will be sown with corn, second crop behind schedule. Optimally, the second campaign should end at the end of February.

- The Russian government is ready to make an intervention on the grain market in early January 2018.

- In November, export of grain from Russia will be 4.45 million tonnes. In October, export was 4.56 million tonnes, and in November 2016, - 3.75 million tonnes. From July to November, export will exceed 20 million tonnes for the first time , according to data from Russagrotrans, to 21.5 million tonnes (17.18). Wheat export was 16.68 million tonnes (10.77), barley 3 million tonnes (1.36), and corn 1.64 million tonnes (1.09).

- In 2018. Algeria will revoke VAT charge on animal feed, including corn and barley.


Oil crops and vegetable oils

- According to Oil World, in 2016/17, canola export from Canada was 11.17 million tonnes at 10.17 million tonnes a year earlier. The largest volume of the production was purchased by China 4.24 million tonnes at 3.67 million tonnes in the previous season. Second place among customers is taken by Japan 2.34 million tonnes (2.11), followed by Mexico 1.57 million tonnes (1.37), the EU 826,000 tonnes (519,000) and the US 607,000 tonnes (457,000). Canola oil export was 3.05 million tonnes (2.83) and that of canola meal at 4.57 million tonnes (4.3).

- According to AgRural, as of November 8, 2017, in Brazil, 43% of the soybean areas are sown at 53% last year and 44% on average over the past five years. The optimum deadline for completing the campaign is November 10, 2017.

- Iran announced a tender for the purchase of 120,000 tonnes of soybean meal from Argentina and Brazil.

- China's Ministry of Agriculture raised its forecast for soybean import in the country in 2017/18 by 1.5 million tonnes to 95.97 million tonnes. During the season the soybean processing in the country will be 94.38 million tonnes, and the stocks will be 80,000 tonnes. Consumption of vegetable oils in the country increases compared to the previous forecast by 40,000 tonnes to 6.28 million tonnes and the import will be 6.28 million tonnes.