Grain Highlights

In 2017, grain crop in Ukraine will reach 62.2 million tonnes, by 5.9% less than in 2016. Decline is due mostly to corn.


- Brazil suspended the discussion for a duty-free import of 750.00 tonnes of wheat. After negotiations with Argentina, this option is reached. Most likely, Argentina is engaged with higher wheat import into Brazil.
- Tunisia announced a tender for the purchase of 100,000 tonnes of hard wheat and 100,000 tonnes of soft wheat with for January – February 2018 shipment.
- Jordan purchased 50,000 tonnes of milling wheat at price of 225 USD / mt and April 2018 shipment.
- In its November report, USDA raised wheat production in Russia in 2017/18 by 1 million tonnes to 83 million tonnes - a new record for the country. Domestic consumption of wheat is raised by 0.5 million tonnes to 44 million tonnes and the export forecast by 0.5 million tonnes to 33 million tonnes. Russia's ending wheat stocks remain unchanged compared to USDA's October report of 17.33 million tonnes. Wheat production in Kazakhstan will be 14 million tonnes for export of 7.5 million tonnes and in Ukraine 26.5 million tonnes / 16.5 million tonnes.
- Conab analysts lowered their forecast for wheat crop in Brazil in 2017/18. by 313,000 tonnes to 4.57 million tonnes, which is 21% less than the previous season and a 5 years low. Due to high initial stocks of wheat in the country, the import forecast is unchanged at 7 million tonnes.
- During the first quarter of 2017/18 export of wheat bran from Ukraine increased by 2.7% to 128,000 tonnes. Key buyer remains Turkey - 122,500 tonnes followed by Egypt 5,500 tonnes.



- During the period January - October 2017.processed grain loads in Ukrainian ports were 32.66 million tonnes, up 5.26% more than the previous year.

- Jordan purchased 50,000 tonnes of feed barley at price of 227 USD / mt,  C & F and delivery in the second half of March 2018.

- According to USDA report. in 2017/18, corn crop in Ukraine will be 25 million tonnes, which is 2 million tonnes less than the October estimate and 3 million tonnes less than the crop in 2015/16. Thus, the country ranks seventh among the major corn producers in the world, together with India. The forecast for corn export is lowered by 1 million tonnes to 20.5 million tonnes, which gives the country fourth place in the world.


Oil crops and vegetable oils

- In October, production of palm oil in Malaysia may have reached a 2 years high. The reason for this is the recovery of yields in large production areas in the eastern parts of the country - the state of Sabah. In September production in the state fell by 2%, but in October is expected to grow by 14.2% according to LRAI forecast. In October, export could grow by 2.35% compared to September to 1.55 million tones - 14 months high and 8.31% more than in October 2016.

- In 2017, grain crop in Ukraine will reach 62.2 million tonnes, which is 5.9% less than in 2016. The decline is mainly due to corn. Corn areas increased minimally   compared to 2016, but the average yield declined by 19.2% to 5.33 million tonnes and the crop by 14.2% to 28 million tonnes (28 million tonnes last year). In 2017. wheat crop in Ukraine is 26.7 million tonnes (+ 2.4%) and of barley - 8.51 million tonnes (-9.8%).

- During the period January - October 2017, 62,980 tonnes of sunflower were exported from Ukraine. Only in October export was 3,360 tonnes. Major buyers are Turkey, Germany and Italy.

- According to Oil World, in 2016/17. canola export from Canada reaches 11.17 million tonnes at 10.17 million tonnes in 2015/16. Major customer is China 4.24 million tonnes (3.67), followed by Japan 2.34 million tonnes (2.11), Mexico 1.57 million tonnes (1.37), the EU 826,000 tonnes (519,000), the US 607,000 tonnes (457,000), Pakistan 0.76 million tonnes (1.24). Canola oil export is 3.05 million tonnes (2.83) and that of canola meal 4.57 million tonnes (4.3).