Grain Highlights

According to forecast of Informa Economics,in 2018, corn areas in the US wil be 91.415 million acres given 90.46 million acres in the previous forecast. In 2017 corn areas were 90.4 million acres.


- According to November forecast of Strategie Grains, wheat areas in the EU will be 23.8 million hectares (23.7 million hectares in the October forecast) in 2018.

- On November 16, 2017 the state-owned company of Egypt purchased 240,000 tonnes of Russian wheat for January 1 - 10, 2018 shipent at prices:

      - 60,000 tonnes of wheat for 208.60 USD / mt, C & F (194.65 USD / mt, FOB + FRY 13.95 USD / mt).

     - 180,000 tonnes of wheat for 209.45 USD / mt, C & F (194.65 USD / mt, FOB + FRT 14.80 USD / mt).



- According to forecast of Informa Economics, in 2018, corn areas in the US will be 91,415 million acres at 90.46 million acres in the previous forecast. In 2017, corn areas were 90.4 million acres.

- According to November forecast of Strategie Grains , in 2018, corn areas in the EU will be 8.5 million hectares (8.7 million hectares in the October forecast).

- By mid-November, corn sowing in Brazil is completed on 54% of the planned areas at 69% a year earlier and 56% on average in the recent years. In Parana, sowing is completed on 99% of the planned areas, 89% of them are in good condition and 11% are in poor condition. According to Deral, corn croo in Parana will be 3.06 million tonnes, 38% less than last year.

- As of November 16, 2017, 3.525 million hectares under corn cultivation(78% of the areas) were harvested in Ukraine, 18.242 million tonnes of corn were harvested at average yield of 5.18 mt/ ha.

- As of November 17, 2017, in Ukraine, 6,896 million hectares under winter grain crops cultivation were sown (95% of the planned), incl. winter wheat and triticale 5.93 million hectares (96%), barley 819,000 hectares (89%) and others. With winter rapeseed, 861,000 hectares (112%).

- As of November 1, 2017 grain stocks in Kazakhstan are 20.008 million tonnes, incl. wheat 15,933 million tonnes.


Oil crops and vegetable oils

- According to analysts, 3.95 million tonnes of palm oil were produced in Indonesia in October. Production is expected to reach 3.63 million tonnes in November. Ending oil stocks rose to 3.14 million tonnes in October at 2.4 million tonnes a month earlier. In October, export was 2.75 million tonnes at 2.69 million tonnes in November.

- Worldwide consumption of vegetable oils has been increasing steadily, as in the last five years the average increase is 3-4 million tonnes per year. Leader among the oils is palm oil, its production in 2016/17 reaches 65.6 million tonnes and export 47.84 million tonnes. In 2016/17, sunflower oil production in Ukraine and Russia reached record levels of 6.37 million tonnes (5.06) and 4.6 million tonnes (3.94) respectively. In 2017/18, sunflower oil production in the world will drop by 0.6 million tonnes to 18.2 million tonnes.

- According to forecast of Informa Economics in 2018, soybean areas in the US will be 89.627 million acres, which is 720,000 acres less than the previous forecast and 90.2 million acres in 2017.

- According to Oil World's latest forecast, in 2017/18 global sunflower crop will decline by 1 - 1.1 million tonnes to 48.98 million tonnes. Sunflower crop in Russia will be 11.2 million tonnes (11.7), and Ukraine 13.2 million tonnes (15.1). Because of slow down in harvest in Russia, there is a danger of further crop decline. Sunflower crop in the EU will be 9.5 million tonnes (8.54), Argentina 3.8 million tonnes (3.3), China 2.8 million tonnes (2.75), and Turkey 1.7 million tonnes (1.47). In 2017/18, global sunflower processing will be 44 million tonnes (44.76) and ending stocks will be 3.75 million tonnes (3.8).

- According to Oil World's latest forecast, in 2017/18 Brazilian soybean production will be 8.59 million tonnes. Oil consumption will increase by 0.6 million tonnes compared to 2016/17 to 7.43 million tonnes, incl. for biodiesel 3.08 million tonnes (2.53). In March 2018, in Brazi, mandate E10 enters into force, meaning that fuel will have a biofuel supplement of 10%. During the season, soybean oil export from the country will be 1.35 million tonnes at 1.24 million tonnes in 2016/17, 1.55 million tonnes in 2015/16 and 1.51 million tonnes in 2014/15.

- According to APK-Inform estimates, in 2016/17 export of sunflower meal from Russia reached 1.27 million tonnes at 1.17 million tonnes in 2015/16. It is expected to reach 1.4 million tonnes in 217/18.

- As of November 16, 2017 in Ukraine 99% of the sunflower areas are harvested - 5.872 million hectares, 11.781 million tonnes of sunflower are harvested at average yield of 2.01 mt/ ha. The soybean crop is 3,566 million tonnes at average yield of 1.92 mt/ ha, with 1,859 million hectares (93%) harvested.

- From January to October 2017, 1.92 million tonnes of soybean were exported from Ukraine, and in October only 240,000 tonnes. Major buyers are Turkey 533,890 tonnes of soybean, Iran 355,740 tonnes and Egypt 262,040 tonnes.

- During the period January - October 2017, 3.7 million tonnes of unrefined sunflower oil were produced in Russia, 15% more than the previous year.