Grain Highlights

According to UkrAgroConsult in 2017/2018 sunflower crop in Bulgaria will be 1.9 million tonnes at 1.8 million tonnes a year earlier. During the season the domestic consumption of sunflower will increase and import will decline – trends that have started in 2013/2014.


- According to FranceAgriMer's latest forecast, ending stocks of wheat in the country in 2017/18 will reach 3.33 million tonnes, which is +150,000 tonnes compared to the previous forecast and 12.9% more than 2016/17, achieved despite the fall in the crop by 400,000 tonnes to 37.5 million tonnes. Export of French wheat from the EU grew by 300,000 tonnes to 9.9 million tonnes at average of 10.2 million tonnes over the past five years. In September, only 500,600 tonnes of wheat outside the EU were exported from France, with 297,500 tonnes of wheat being delivered to Algeria. In September 2016, 775,000 tonnes of wheat were exported from the country.

- The Egyptian government appeals against the decision of the Egyptian court regarding its decision on the content of ergot in imported wheat.



- According to forecast of APK-Inform, in 2017 corn crop in Ukraine will be 25.4 million tonnes, which is 4.8% less than the previous forecast and 9.4% less than last year - 28.1 million tonnes. The average yield will be 5.72 mt/ ha (5.97 and 6.60).

- According to Imea (Matto Grosso), in early November farmers in Mato Grosso, sold 90% of their record-breaking 2016/17 corn crop, with sales rising by 5% only in October. At the beginning of November 11.8% of the future corn crop 2017/18 were sold at 25.5% a year earlier for the old crop.

- Iraq announced an invitation for the import of 50,000 tonnes of wheat from the United States, Canada or Australia. In November, the country has already purchased 500,000 tonnes of US corn.

- Winter crops in Ukraine are now in better condition than those in mid-November 2016.


Oil crops and vegetable oils

- The Indian government raised import duties on vegetable oils to the highest level for the past decade. The import duty on unrefined palm oil is raised twice to 30% and on refined oil  from 25% to 40%. Duty on soybean oil is raised by 17.5% / 30% and 20% / 35%, respectively. Duty on sunflower oil and rapeseed oil are 12.5% / 25% and 20% / 35. India imports 70% of the vegetable oil consumed in the country at only 44% in 2001/02. Higher duties are expected to reduce imports to only 15.5 million tonnes from 15.9 million tonnes. The duty on soybean import increases from 30% to 45%.

- According to Oil World, EU rapeseed import reached 412,000 tonnes  in September at 338,000 tonnes in September 2016. In July-September, the EU imported the record 0.91 million tonnes of rapeseed (0.58). Import was mainly from Ukraine 674,000 tonnes (486,000), Serbia and Montenegro 84,000 tonnes (14,000), Australia 71,000 tonnes (0). As of October 1. 2017, rapeseed stocks in the EU reached 17.9 million tonnes. In the period July - September, EU rapeseed export reached 105,000 tonnes (313,000).

- In September, the record 11,500 tonnes of soybean oil were produced in Ukraine at 9,900 tonnes in August and 8,000 tonnes in September 2016. Due to the strong export of soybean from Ukraine, in 2017/18 production of soybean oil will reach a maximum of 160,000 tonnes.

- In September, Kazakhstan set a record of 45,700 tonnes of oil crops, which is 180% more than the previous year.  11,600 tonnes of oil crops (+ 25%) were exported to China. During the month, 19,800 tonnes of flax, 9,200 tonnes of sunflower were exported.

- In the first week of November, Canada exported 470,100 tonnes of canola -  an all time record high. Since the beginning of the current season (1 August), export has reached 2.86 million tonnes, up 25% from last year. Since the beginning of the season, 2.45 million tonnes of canola have been processed in Canada (-1% of the 2016/17 record). The indicators are very high, which can lead to a rise in price of the crop.

- As of November 16, 2017, 5.71 million hectares of sunflower (72.7% of the area) were harvested in Russia, with 8.78 million tonnes of sunflower harvested.