Grain Highlights 15.04.2021

AHDB has published its first forecast for the wheat production in the UK in 2021, which shows 14.57 million tons compared to only 9.61 million tons in 2020.

- In March, Russian farmers sold 2.283 million tons of wheat, which is 17% less than in March 2020. As of 01.04.2021, stocks held by farmers were 8.495 million tons (+37.7% compared to last year and 23.7% higher than the average level for the last five years).

- As of April 14, 2021, 1.5 million hectares (3% of the planned areas) of spring crops have been sown in Russia. 1.4 million hectares (4.8%) were sown with spring cereals. 51,400 hectares (0.6%) were sown with sunseed.

- According to FranceAgrimer, the export of feed barley from France will reach 5.704 million tons in 2020/21, which is 27.5% less than 2019/20.

- Yesterday, commodity funds in Chicago were net buyers of 16,500 contracts of corn, 12,500 contracts of soybeans and 11,500 contracts of wheat.

- In 2020/21, ethanol production from corn reached 2.57 billion liters in Brazil, which is 58% more than in 2019/20. Corn ethanol production reaches a share of 9% of the total ethanol production in the country. Agroconsult expects production of 3.2 billion liters in 2021/22. However, total ethanol production fell to 30.36 billion liters (-9%).

- According to Oil World, Argentina will export 780,000 tons of soyoil in April (540,000 tons in March and 641,000 tons in April 2020).

- Argentina is preparing a batch of 16,000 tons of corn for South Africa. This is the first delivery in this direction in over a year.

- On 14.04.2021, Algeria purchased up to 200,000 tons of durum wheat of any origin at a price of 351 - 358 USD/ton C&F and delivery in May.

- The Egyptian state company GASC held a tender for the purchase of vegoils from the domestic market with delivery in June. 51,000 tons of soyoil were purchased from the domestic market.

- A group of private importers from the Philippines has announced a tender for the purchase of 240,000 tons of milling wheat and 140,000 tons of feed wheat with delivery within June - September. Milling wheat can be supplied from Russia, Ukraine and Australia and feed wheat from Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Brazil, Australia, USA and Canada.