Grain Highlights 18.01.2022

According to Conab data, as of January 15, 2022, 94% of the areas planned for the first corn production were sown in Brazil (+2% for the week and 95% a year earlier).

- Over the period of January 1-17, 673,000 tons of grain were exported from the Russian port of Novorossiysk, which is 3% less than the previous year. Exports of wheat were 578,000 tons, corn exports reached 60,000 tons and barley exports were 36,000 tons.

- Over the period of September-December, 2.04 million tons of sunseed oil were exported from Ukraine (-6% compared to the previous year).

- According to Conab, as of 15.01.2022, 94% of the areas planned for the first corn production in Brazil have been sown (+2% for the week and 95% a year earlier). At the same time, the harvesting campaign of the first corn crop has begun and has already been carried out on 4% of the areas (+2%).

- In Argentina, there has been massive good rainfall in recent days. In general, corn and soybean crops will benefit from the rainfall. Meteorologists expect that rainfall will be regular from now on given the decline of La Niña.

- In 2021, soybean exports from Paraguay reached 6.62 million tons (-4.4% compared to 2020). The largest customer was Argentina with a share of 72.4%. Exports of soymeal reached 1.88 million tons.

- According to the Statistical Office of China, the country imported 28.35 million tons of corn in 2021 (+250%), 12.48 million tons of barley (+54.5%), 9.77 million tons of wheat (+6.6%) and 9.42 million tons of sorghum (+95.6%). In December, corn imports reached 1.33 million tons (-40% compared to December 2020), barley imports were 1.02 million tons (+3.6%), wheat imports were +940,000 tons (+6.9%), sorghum imports reached 710,000 tons (+29.5%).

- Turkey has purchased 335,000 tons of wheat with an average price of 347.32 USD/ton C&F and delivery within 10.02 - 10.03.2022.