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Grain Highlights 17.12.2020

Demand for Polish wheat for export remains high. 4 ships with a total cargo of 156,000 tons are now loaded in Polish ports.

Grain Highlights 16.12.2020

The Russian government is considering imposing an export duty on sunflower oil of 15% or a minimum of 135 EUR / ton.

Grain Highlights 15.12.2020

The Russian government has announced the official measures that will be introduced aiming to stabilize food prices in the country.

Grain Highlights 14.12.2020

In the first three months of 2020/21, sunflower exports from Russia reached 400,000 tons, which is 64% more than the previous season.

Grain Highlights 11.12.2020

According to The Ministry of Agriculture of China's forecasts, the import of corn in the country in 2020/21 will be reduced to a total of 7 million tons compared to the 22 million tons expected by FAS USDA.

Grain Highlights 09.12.2020

In the period September-November 2020/21, 1.6 million tons of sunflower oil were exported from Ukraine, which is 16% more than the previous year and is an all-time high.

Grain Highlights 08.12.2020

According to AmSpec Agri Malaysia, exports of palm oil from Malaysia fell by 16.5% in November compared to October to a total of 1.42 million tons.