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Grain Highlights 06.01.2021

As of January 11, 2021, Argentine farmers have gone on a 72-hour strike against the government's decision to suspend corn exports. Farmers have called on President Alberto Fernandez to reconsider the decision.

Grain Highlights 05.01.2020

Malaysian palm oil futures rose sharply on 04.01.2020. The growth is related to preliminary estimates for the palm oil stocks in the country to the lowest level for the last 13 years - 1.22 million tons.

Grain Highlights 04.01.2021

According to government data from China, under the program to ensure the food security of the country, the total area planted with corn will be increased in 2021.

Grain Highlights 31.12.2020

On Dec 29, 2020, the employers and the union of the employees in the oil factories in Argentina signed an agreement for the restoration of the work on sites, increase in salaries and others.

Grain Highlights 30.12.2020

According to AmSpec Agri, 1.34 million tons of palm oil were exported from Malaysia in the period of Dec 1-25, 17% higher than the previous month

Grain Highlights 29.12.2020

According to SovEkon, wheat exports from Russia will reach 36.3 million tons in 2020/21, which is 4.5 million tons less than the previous estimate of 40.8 million tons.

Grain Highlights 23.12. 2020

According to the forecast of the Buenos Aires Grain Exchange, the corn production in Argentina will reach 47 million tons in 2021, which is 4.5 million tons lower than in 2020.

Grain Highlights 22.12.2020

According to The Australian Financial Review, the wheat production in Australia will reach a record of 34 - 35 million tons in 2020/21.

Grain Highlights 21.12.2020

Wheat harvest in Argentina is now 66% completed. 9.32 million tons of wheat have been harvested with an average yield of 2.31 t/ha. With this average yield, production is expected to reach 14.1 million tons, which is a catastrophically low level.